Hydroptherapy FAQs

Read the FAQs to learn more, or before a booking

What are the health benefits of hydrotherapy?

Some of the many health benefits of using a sauna include reduced muscle soreness; improved circulation, respiration and joint mobility; reduced anxiety/depression; increased quality and duration of sleep; improved skin health; and increased range of motion.

While the science on sauna benefits has been limited it does show overwhelming health benefits. More research is sure to come as sauna usage has been increasing in North America over the past decade.

Are saunas a new thing?

Humans have been using saunas for regular health and wellness as far back as 2000 BC! Most cold weather climates (Scandinavia, Eastern Europe, Japan, Russia, etc.) have a rich history and culture of saunas and bath houses.

What kind of sauna is it?

Ours is a dry cedar sauna, custom made with an extra wide door and integrated bench seating. We encourage you to douse the sauna rocks with water to intensify your experience with steam.

How should I use the sauna and tub to maximize the benefits?

This is a matter of personal preference and goals. We have created the Many Pathways to Awesomeness to highlight some of the diverse ways our clients like to use the tools available in the hydrotherapy room.

How will it make me feel?

Depending on how you use the tools available you can leave your session feeling deeply relaxed and calm, or invigorated and refreshed. Or all of the above! Many users find that it calms the mind while invigorating the body.

Can I share the room with a friend?

Absolutely! The space is big enough to comfortably accommodate 2 adults. See our Many Pathways to Awesomeness guide for ways that friends share space in the room.

Is the space family friendly?

The sauna is essentially a two-person (adult) unit, but we find that very young children, under 12, can take part in the experience.

We recommend weekend visits for families, and we don’t charge for children (up to 2 total).

Scroll down for what the space is like, what to bring, etc.

What is the space like?

We have some wonderful photos on the site, but it’s worth explaining that the sauna is located in a fully private suite, with its own changing area, full bathroom with shower, as well as the main area with sauna and soaker tub.

There is actually room enough for a yoga mat so that you can build stretching into your session if you wish!

We also have a wi-fi enabled speaker and you can bring your own tunes if you like.

What should I wear or bring?

Whatever makes you comfortable. You don’t need to pass through any public areas to get from changing to using the sauna/tub, so you can do whatever is comfortable.

Many people bring a bathing suit, but we also provide stacks of fresh towels. It’s a good idea to bring a water bottle, but we do also have a water cooler in the suite with paper cups.

How long can I book for?

We offer 30, 60, 90 and 120-minute sessions. Honestly, the longer you can take, the more you’ll benefit from the chance to fully relax, but it’s up to you. A two-hour slot is pretty perfect, but if you have less time, it’s still very much worth it.